Fifi House of Design is the creation of Ninela Ivanova – a designer who specialises in personal meaning and design.  Ninela has an astute and intuitive capacity to filter the personal feeling and meaning of an idea that wants to be expressed and fulfilled through design.   Ninela is passionate about developing processes that are co-creative and collaborative.  She excels at including the client in the design process, whether it is a wardrobe, a brand product, or a corporate event.  The results speak louder than words. 

“I trust Ninela with all my designs – personal and for the company.  She is unmatched in attention to detail and the quality and finesse of the finished product.  I wish I could bottle her and take her with me on every project.”

(Melanie, CEO MindRheo)


Ninela uses a variety of design processes to meet the specific needs of the individual client.   In some cases a telephone or online consultation might suffice, and in others, several meetings over a cup of coffee or in the field, e.g. an afternoon of browsing through fabrics / visiting an inspirational archive.

Ninela also works in collaboration with a renowned neuroscientist, whose specialty is optimising brain plasticity.  Together they design artefacts, processes, infomercials, webinars, that are probes for a bespoke audience.

These are just some of the processes and they are constantly evolving.


Services for companies include:

  • Translation of brand into design, e.g. design of graphics, materials, products, presentations and public engagement media;
  • Design and facilitation of co-creative workshops and participatory events;
  • Probes design for communication, innovation, and education;
  • Experience and multi-sensory design.

Design for individuals can range from a re-design of your fashion wardrobe, or your home, to creating a special gift for a loved one.  

Regardless of how big or small your idea is, Ninela can translate the creations in your mind into tangible and meaningful designs.